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Business Intelligence & Analytics


Turning data into a strategic business asset

As the volume, variety and velocity of data proliferate across organizations and their extended supply chains, just managing data, let alone extracting actionable information and intelligence has become an ever increasing challenge.  Cornerstone can assist our clients to maximize the business value of their information assets and ensure timely, informed decision-making throughout the enterprise.


Information management entails the organization of and control over the gathering, managing, disseminating, leveraging and disposing of all information assets across the enterprise.  The following key business drivers further add to the need for better management and governance of data assets.

  • Business transformations can have the broadest impact on an organization and their underlying data management practices.  Business transformations, especially reorganizations and mergers and acquisitions, can force dramatic changes in data ownership and usage.

  • Pressing compliance issues can significantly impact data usage. These issues are diverse, involving internal policies around data security and privacy, legislated regulations.

  • The goal of business integration is to enable data-driven business activities like BI, CRM, and cross-business data exchange, whether between business units of the same firm or partners in a supply chain

  • Data quality initiatives can take many different forms depending on the business priority or area of greatest operational pain.  All, however, share a common goal in improving the overall reliability and usability of data and are often a first step towards a governance program


Within the context of these strategic drivers, Cornerstone can

  • Analyze current BI capabilities and define the future analytical and reporting needs for the organization

  • Develop BI strategy and related technology architecture

  • Study the BI infrastructure to identify improvement opportunities such as

    • Modify and improve the list of reports used by business

    • Rationalize the use of current and new tools

    • Optimize the data classification, access, storage, reporting and analytics

    • Improve real time availability of intelligence to internal and external users, such as web-enabling opportunities

    • Evaluate Self-service report generation and analytics

  • Improve data access through integration of databases or creation of ODS and Data warehouses

  • Package evaluation and selection of BI tools

Business Intelligence & Analytics Product Offerings

  • Data Governance from Cornerstone focuses on a pragmatic approach for establishing a program to control and manage the most strategically and operationally critical data for the client

  • Utilizes propietary frameworks that are based on industry best practices

  • A data governance program can be established in a few short months creating a baseline capability for the organization to take hold and ownership of data and turn it into useful information

Data Governance


  • Cornerstone's Business Intelligence Strategy evaluates the analytic needs of the organization and develops a clear roadmap to support them

  • Strategy components include goals, architecture, technology, data quality and tools

  • Cornerstone’s BI Strategy can be executed in 8-12 weeks, providing a launching pad to quickly deliver answers and core BI capabilities

BI Strategy


Leveraging Our Experience and Expertise for Your Organization

Combining practical experience, subject matter expertise and best practices, our practitioners will team with your organization to drive sustainable results.


Contact us today to learn more about Cornerstone’s Business Intelligence & Analytics Practice and Offerings and how we can help you better manage and share data across the enterprise for improved decision-making and competitiveness.

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