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Contingent IT Staffing Services Practice

Providing the right resource at the right price and the right time

Demand for services from your Information Technology organization vary from day-to-day. New projects start, personnel take leaves of absence, seasonal business needs take a toll.  Solutions to these variations include overtime for your current staff, postponing other priorities, and temporary staffing.  The issue with most temporary staffing is finding the right resource at the right time for the right price. Most organizations struggle with this and the outcomes of their organization suffer in turn.  Cornerstone provides relief by delivering quality resources on demand.


Supply Chain Synchronization

Cornerstone taps multiple sourcing channels to continually adjust and align the supply of resources with variable project demand




Cornerstone can provide highly qualified resources to address internal staffing needs through various sourcing models.  Over the years, we have developed an internal database of over 2000 IT professionals, the large majority of which we have a past working relationship.  This provides us the added advantage of knowing first hand our resources and their core competencies.  As we continually update this resource database, it provides us ready access to qualified resources that we can staff with full confidence.  Our dedicated focus and execution of our RPT strategy below enables us to address our client staffing needs faster and more cost effectively than our competition.


Key RPT Strategy Differentiators


  • Cornerstone hand-picks its resources from a premier network of sources that we have built over years of working with its consultants and leaders from Professional Services organizations


  • We operate on low-margins in order to provide the best pricing to our customers


  • We provide highly competitive rates to resources resulting in long standing  relationships and enhance productivity & client satisfaction




Over the years, Cornerstone's Contingent IT Staffing Services Practice has continued to evolve, converting the lessons learned into standard practices and tools to deliver quality resources in a consistent and predictable manner. 


People: Dedicated administrative & management staff

  • Technical SME’s as screeners

  • Full-time Customer and Vendor account managers

  • Administrative & contract management staff


Process: Streamlined processes for both demand and supply management

  • Customer / Vendor Account Management

    • Contract

    • Sourcing / Screening / Placement

    • Performance

    • Resource Management

    • Financials (Invoicing, AR, AP)


Technology: Automated tools for process efficiency and customer responsiveness

  • Salesforce CRM for Account Management

  • Quickbooks for Financial Management

  • Vendor Scorecards


Leveraging Our Experience and Expertise for Your Organization

However broad or volatile your resource demand may be, Cornerstone can work closely with you to define and implement a sourcing model that makes business sense.


Contact us today to learn more about Cornerstone’s Contingent IT Staffing Services Practice and Offerings and how we can help you build a flexible resource model to respond rapidly to changing business demand

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