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Understanding the current situation as well as having the end in mind is critical for any change management process. One needs to know the scale and scope of an organization's Enterprise Architecture is required in order to progress in EA maturity.

Quickly Assess Your EA Quotient

Cornerstone can help organizations quickly assess their current EA capabilities. Identifying areas of opportunity across processes, organizations and supporting tools increases the value contribution of the EA function. Cornerstone's EA Diagnostic will involve:

  • An assessment of the existing Enterprise Architecture program and positioning

  • Benchmark against industry best practices or peers

  • SWOT and gap analysis

Key Value:

  • Understanding where you are in terms of your EA maturity will help highlight improvement opportunities

  • Cornerstone’s EA Diagnostic takes a holistic view, but can be customized to the areas of most concern

  • Deliverables from the EA Diagnostic can be used to develop a Client’s Enterprise Architecture capabilities or the components of an Enterprise Architecture

  • Cornerstone’s EA Diagnostic can be executed in 6 weeks, providing a quick yet broad & deep understanding of your current EA capabilities

Identifying EA Operational Painpoints and Opportunities for Improvement

Cornerstone employs workshops, one-on-one interviews, surveys and reviews of existing documentation and artifacts to develop a broad and deep understanding of the client's EA landscape. We will then work closely with key stakeholder groups to pinpoint and prioritize the ‘hot spots’ from which the greatest value can be realized.


The hurdles that stand in the way of effective EA programs can vary significantly across organizations, however, they can often be linked to a set of common root causes as illustrated below.

Leveraging Our Experience and Expertise for Your Organization

Typically an EA Diagnostic engagement can be successfully executed in 6 weeks, providing organizations a quick, yet comprehensive view into their existing EA capabilities and overall EA maturity.


Contact us today to learn more about Cornerstone's EA Diagnostic product and how we can help assess your EA capabilities within the context of both business priorities and technology direction.

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