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Emerging Technologies & Innovation Practice

Sensibly incorporating the latest technology into your environment

The business world and its competitive landscape are constantly changing. Threats and opportunities emerge at any time, from any where at unprecedented speed, often leaving organizations at the mercy of these new market forces. Technology is at the center of this constant change and organizations struggle not only to keep abreast of the latest trends, but also to integrate them into their day-to-day operations in a timely, productive manner.  Competitive advantages derived previously from product differentiation, customer loyalty or lowest cost are not as enduring in today’s fast paced and dynamic marketplace. To compete and sustain an edge over others, organizations must now be designed and built for change.  The organizational structure, operational processes and supporting technologies all need to work in concert to enable a culture of change and innovation. Cornerstone and its senior advisory group can work jointly with business and IT executives to help evaluate emerging technologies and plan for their effective adoption and integration across the enterprise.


Emerging Technologies Filter


  • Not every trend is right for every enterprise.  Sensible evaluation of emerging technologies, and the development of logical plans and roadmaps for their adoption and integration makes business sense.


  • Finding the ‘technology’ needle in the haystack is less daunting when you view emerging technologies through a business lens


Organizations looking to become innovation-friendly must take an end-to-end approach to technology adoption.  There are three strategic business capabilities that underpin an organization that embraces and thrives on change and innovation:   Technology Awareness, Technology Responsiveness and Technology Integration.  Collectively, these capabilities enable organizations to become serial innovators – able to identify and exploit the game changing potential of emerging and disruptive technologies on a consistent and ongoing basis.

  • Technology Awareness involves staying in touch with emerging technologies as they evolve and progress through the development lifecycle. 

  • Technology Responsiveness entails continually assessing and evaluating the business potential and value proposition of emerging technologies for both your business and the markets within which your business competes. 

  • Technology Integration encompasses the seamless adoption and implementation of emerging technologies into day-to-day operations. 

All three business capabilities involve a system of people, processes and tools and all three are essential for enabling an innovation-friendly organization.


Emerging Technologies & Innovation Product Offerings

  • Cornerstone's Emerging Technologies Strategy creates a practical approach to evaluating trends and determining what should be adopted when and how

  • An Emerging Technologies Strategy can be established in 6-10 weeks creating the foundation needed by every CIO and CTO for incorporating the latest technologies into their environment

  • Cornerstone's experts combine real world experience along with technology research to bring pragmatic approaches

Emerging Technologies Strategy


  • Every business is  challenged to innovate and adopt change as they compete to stay ahead of the technology curve


  • Changing the cultural mindset from one that is adverse to change to one that embraces change can lead to competitive differentiation and long-term viability


  • Cornerstone’s seasoned ‘change agents’ can lead a change program, diagnose and implement change management processes or simply augment an existing team

Adoption & Change Management


  • Cornerstone’s IT Human Effectiveness and Leadership offering quickly diagnoses, designs and delivers positive outcomes for a client’s organization helping IT to be a trusted advisor to the business


  • Cornerstone’s H-Factor consulting shapes a robust and agile IT culture that is an essential lever for the whole organization’s success


  • A typical engagement can begin showing results in just a few weeks




  • Cornerstone’s CIO / CTO Advisory offering will help organizations achieve business goals while navigating the many technology options available in the marketplace


  • IT executives today are transitioning beyond the world of technology and IT operations management to a business enabling role of driving revenue opportunities


  • Cornerstone’s CIO / CTO Advisory offering is grounded in a network of IT leaders who are seasoned veterans, providing a healthy mix of real world experiences and out-of-box thinking


CIO / CTO Advisory


Leveraging Our Experience and Expertise for Your Organization

We have a team of senior executives to serve as strategic advisors and change agents for stretching the boundaries of not only an organization’s imagination, but also its capabilities.


Contact us today to learn more about Cornerstone’s Emerging Technologies and Innovation Practice and Offerings and how we can help you build an organization that thrives on technology-enabled change and innovation.

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