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Enterprise Architecture Practice

Helping organizations better align technology with both Businesss and IT priorities

Today, most organizations across all sectors, private and public, have become fundamentally dependent on information technology (IT).  However, even after significant IT spend, year over year, organizations have fallen considerably short of realizing the expected business value and benefits and in harnessing the true power of IT.  Enterprise Architecture and its inherent principles centered on business alignment have emerged as a strategic tool to help close this gap.

Value through Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture provides the mechanism for tightly coupling IT strategies, activities and assets with Business priorities.  More simply put, it is the bridge connecting business and technology strategy formulation with solution delivery. 


Cornerstone understands that each client is unique and that solutions must be customized to fit the needs of the current client situation as there are often fundamentally different EA challenges that exist across IT organizations.  To effectively address the varying EA needs and maturity of organizations, Cornerstone has developed a suite of products based on both Industry best practices and past client experiences. 

Enterprise Architecture Product Offerings

  • Cornerstone’s EA Diagnostic takes a holistic view, but can be customized to the areas of most concern


  • Deliverables from the EA Diagnostic can be used to develop a Client’s Enterprise Architecture capabilities or the components of an Enterprise Architecture


  • Cornerstone’s EA Diagnostic can be executed in 6 weeks, providing a quick yet broad & deep understanding of your current EA capabilities

EA Diagnostic


  • Engagement of key stakeholders  across the enterprise is critical to ensure buy-in and to avoid EA becoming an documentation exercise


  • Developing EA Blueprints and Roadmap defines the desired target state to support the business strategy and also establishes how the organization will reach it


  • Cornerstone’s EA Blueprints and Roadmap can be executed in 4 months providing a clear target and path to improved  business and IT alignment

EA Blueprints & Roadmap Sheet

  • Tapping into external EA resources helps accelerate ramp-up, improve internal EA intellectual capital and enable overall EA agility and responsiveness


  • Cornerstone’s EA Advisory and Implementation Support can come in various forms such as subject matter expertise, interim EA practitioners, EA process improvement and EA artifacts development


  • Cornerstone’s EA Advisory and Implementation Support can help organizations focus on their competencies while executing their EA agendas

EA Advisory & Implementation Support Sheet

  • Achitectural governance is key to creating a ‘sticky’ EA program through clearly defined & accepted roles, processes, performance measures and tools


  • The right governance structure will ensure that the EA vision, activities and work products are all aligned to supporting business objectives


  • Cornerstone’s EA Governance Framework and Process can be executed in 3 months positioning EA for long term success and sustainability


EA Governance Framework & Process Sheet

Leveraging Our Experience and Expertise for Your Organization

We have a team of seasoned consultants and architects who are ready to help establish and drive your EA priorities and program.


Contact us today to learn more about Cornerstone’s EA Practice and Product Offerings and how we can help you generate business value through architecture.

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