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IT Delivery Management Practice

Ensuring optimal IT capabilities that deliver long-term business value

Delivering IT services to the business effectively and efficiently can be overwhelmingly complex as companies try to balance competing priorities. Technology and IT systems are often so tightly embedded within business operations that it is impossible to conduct normal operations without them. An organization’s ability to seamlessly refresh and optimize its systems capabilities without impacting their ongoing business operations provides a tremendous competitive advantage.


Fit for Purpose

Cornerstone’s offerings are modular and complementary. They can be combined into customized solutions tailored to a client’s needs and current environment. Cornerstone’s consulting methodology allows our teams to adapt our approach to the organizational structure and culture of each of our clients while still incorporating industry best practices.

IT Delivery Management translates an organization’s IT strategy into a sustainable reality. Cornerstone and its IT Delivery Management offerings cover a breadth of individual IT services and combine real-world experience with industry standard best practices to deliver real value. Broad service categories include PMO, IT Service Management and Regulatory Management & Compliance.  All  offerings focus on producing practical results for each of our clients.


IT Delivery Management Product Offerings

  • The Cornerstone PMO Diagnostic assesses the current effectiveness of a PMO and the organization’s project management capabilities - focus will be on providing business value to the organization


  • Cornerstone will work with senior leadership to develop a vision for the PMO and project management


  • The PMO Diagnostic can be conducted within 4-8 weeks depending on scope


PMO Diagnostic


  • A Cornerstone-led PMO will provide organizations the ability to flexibly staff their key initiatives with skilled, experienced PMO leaders freeing up senior leadership without expanding the organization’s headcount


  • Cornerstone's PMO Management can lead not only to successfully meeting objectives but will also provide opportunities for mentoring and skills transfer to the organization’s personnel


PMO Management


  • A Modernization Blueprint defines the path toward building an enterprise-wide legacy modernization capability


  • A Modernization Blueprint is developed leveraging the disciplines and data-driven analyses found in Application Portfolio Management (APM)


  • Cornerstone’s experience, methods and tools allow for a customized Modernization Blueprint to be crafted within 4-6 weeks


Modernization Blueprint


Leveraging Our Experience and Expertise for Your Organization

Combining practical experience, subject matter expertise and best practices, our practitioners will team with your organization to drive sustainable results.


Contact us today to learn more about Cornerstone’s IT Delivery Management Practice and Offerings and how we can help you improve your competitive advantage through IT services.


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