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In today’s hyper competitive environment, CIO’s, more than ever, are pressured to do more with less as IT budgets are squeezed while business demand and expectations continue to escalate. An in-depth understanding of an organization’s current IT capability across people, process and technology helps shed light on weaknesses that warrant fixing or on strengths that should be further developed. An IT diagnostic is the first step in identifying opportunities for positive change and for more effectively utilizing the limited resources available.

Assessing the Health, Productivity and Overall State of IT

An IT Diagnostic can be performed as a standalone effort or as the first phase of a broader IT Strategy. It entails a comprehensive assessment of the existing state of IT across people, process and technology and sets the stage for defining a meaningful target state and realistic transformation program. Analytical rigor is central to Cornerstone’s IT Diagnostic and ensures that the recommendations are grounded in supporting details and facts. Cornerstone’s proven techniques of workshops, surveys, interviews and deliverable previews are used to collect and validate information used to formulate findings and recommendations.

Components of the IT Diagnostic

The IT Diagnostic explores in detail the current capabilities and gaps within the following areas and assesses the overall maturity relative to external benchmarks or internal standards

Leveraging Our Experience and Expertise for Your Organization

Typically an IT Diagnostic engagement can be successfully executed in 8 weeks, providing organizations a quick, yet comprehensive view into their existing IT capabilities and overall maturity.


Contact us today to learn more about Cornerstone's IT Diagnostic product and how we can help assess your IT capabilities within the context of both business priorities and industry benchmarks.

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