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IT Strategy & Transformation Practice

Helping organizations tap into the power of information technology

With renewed focus on growth, market share and profitability in the global marketplace, organizations are looking more and more to information technology (IT) as a source of competitive advantage and a driver of new business models. Organizations are inclined, more now than ever, to explore and embrace new technology trends as they seek out new revenue opportunities and hone operating efficiencies. With these heightened expectations on IT services and capabilities, senior IT leadership must assume the added role of innovator - leveraging emerging technologies, while ensuring the day-to-day operations to deliver sustained, long term business value.


IT Strategy & Transformation Framework


Strategy Done Right

The development of an impactful IT strategy starts with the business strategy and the processes that enable and support that business strategy which, in turn, drive the strategic IT agenda. This provides for a clear linkage back to business priorities and positions the IT function as a business enabler as opposed to an inhibitor. 

Through our IT Strategy & Transformation Framework, a target state of business and IT capabilities are defined and translated into a strategic roadmap.  The roadmap lays out an integrated program of initiatives to close any existing capability gaps and/or to address existing operational pain points for driving new business growth.  Our framework ensures tight alignment of these initiatives with overall business objectives and strategies that drive the need for change and capability improvements and, as a result, enables executives to make IT investment decisions that generate value and return on investment.  IT strategy development is also not a one-time event, but rather an iterative process that incorporates the various learning from ongoing plan execution. A review and refresh of an IT strategy periodically will ensure continued alignment to changing business needs and priorities.


IT Strategy & Transformation Product Offerings

  • Cornerstone’s IT Diagnostic entails a comprehensive assessment of the existing state of IT across people, process and technology and sets the stage for defining a meaningful target state and realistic transformation program


  • Cornerstone’s IT Diagnostic can be executed in 8 weeks, providing a quick yet broad & deep understanding of current IT capabilities


IT Diagnostic


  • Cornerstone helps organizations quickly identify innovative ways to increase IT productivity for driving business performance by taking a holistic view of IT’s operating model within the context of business drivers and direction


  • Cornerstone’s IT Strategy & Roadmap offering can be executed in 4-6 months providing a vision, target state and supporting execution plan for driving business alignment


IT Strategy & Roadmap Sheet

  • APM helps organizations focus on the right things with improved visibility and transparency of IT assets across the enterprise


  • APM is an ongoing management discipline that over time will result in a more productive, less costly and simpler applications portfolio


  • Cornerstone’s APM offering can be executed in 3 months providing a foundational capability to further build upon or extend as needed

Application Portfolio Management Sheet

  • Understanding where you are  helps control costs and plan for the future


  • Cornerstone’s Infrastructure Baseline takes a holistic view, but can be customized to the areas of most concern and can be delivered through a cloud based solution


  • Cornerstone’s Infrastructure Baseline can be executed  as quickly as a few short weeks, providing real results that can be actioned

Infrastructure Baseline Sheet

Leveraging Our Experience and Expertise for Your Organization

Combining broad and deep experience in IT strategy and technology implementation, our seasoned practitioners are ready to partner with your business and IT leaders to drive technology-enabled business transformation.


Contact us today to learn more about Cornerstone's IT Strategy & Transformation Practice and Offerings and how we can help you improve your business performance.

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