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Data is the cornerstone of your business...


…you capture it, massage it, manipulate it and mine it. You convert it into information to support operations, formulate strategies, make tactical decisions and drive competitive advantage.


Cornerstone understands the strategic potential of data. We work with our clients to create solutions built with people, process and technologies to better manage their data assets and unleash their true business value.

Our methods have deep foundations in rigorous techniques and the unique property of understanding the business and its data before it addresses any technology or computer application. Understanding the business leads to an understanding of gaps that need to be filled, and action plans that fill them. Although we are strong proponents of sound methodologies that help structure our thinking and frame complex issues, we are not tied to any one methodology and firmly believe that the real value is in the proper application of the methodology and not the methodology, itself. We employ a practical, fast paced approach that produces real business results quickly.

Cornerstone Consulting Practices


At Cornerstone, our consultants have years of experience in every IT discipline. Our consultants have gained their insights through hands-on practice as line managers in companies of all sizes. We offer a full suite of Information Technology services. Our services are organized into six key Practice Areas - each of which offer a full breadth of products and services.

  • Helps clients tap into the value generating potential of IT to drive competitive advantage and new business models


  • Cornerstone’s IT Strategy & Transformation Practice offerings collectively provide a step-wise approach to defining a strategic IT agenda that delivers both near and long-term benefits


  • Cornerstone’s IT strategy consultants are seasoned practitioners with real-world strategy, planning and implementation experiences having served in line management positions

IT Strategy & Transformation Practice

IT Strategy & Transformation

Practice Sheet

  • Cornerstone’s IT Delivery Management Practice marries efficient planning and controls with effective communication and collaboration


  • Cornerstone’s approach is flexible with multiple entry points and customizable to client requirements


  • Cornerstone’s consultants are realistic and pragmatic in terms of considering  the impact of change on the organization management as well as refreshing subject matter expertise


IT Delivery Management

Practice Sheet


  • Cornerstone’s Emerging Technologies & Innovation Practice informs clients about current trends in IT


  • Cornerstone consultants work closely with senior executives to integrate innovation and change into existing operational structures in a way that minimizes disruption and ensures broad adoption


  • Cornerstone consultants have served previously as CIO's and CTO's and can bring to bear their collective experience and insights for organizations undergoing change or transition


Emerging Technologies & Innovation Practice Sheet

  • Cornerstone’s EA Practice helps clients align their IT assets with their business priorities and develop roadmaps to address any gaps between the current environment and the strategic vision


  • Cornerstone’s EA Practice offerings span the entire EA delivery lifecycle and can be customized to the specific EA needs and maturity of our clients


  • Cornerstone’s EA consultants are experienced architects with hands-on exposure and are able to balance theoretical concepts with real world pragmatism


Enterprise Architecture

Practice Sheet

  • Cornerstone’s BI & Analytics Practice turns raw data into meaningful business information that can be used to gain competitive advantage or streamline operations


  • Cornerstone’s BI & Analytics Practice helps clients understand the value of business data and the most effective methods to govern it and leverage it

  • Cornerstone’s consultants have extensive backgrounds and experience in data management, business intelligence and data warehousing


Business Intelligence & Analytics Practice Sheet

  • Cornerstone’s Contingent IT Staffing Services focuses on providing clients with the Right Resource, at the Right Price, and the Right Time


  • Cornerstone’s Contingent IT Staffing Services provides pre-screened professionals so client's spend less time weeding out candidates that don’t fit their profile


  • Cornerstone’s staffing model leverages a variety of sourcing methods to provide greater flexibility in finding the right resource


Contingent IT Staffing

Practice Sheet


Leveraging Our Experience and Expertise for Your Organization

Cornerstone provides information technology consulting and staffing services focused on improving business performance through the strategic application of information technology resources. Our portfolio of service offerings is centered on delivering solutions that maximize the value and contribution of IT. Services cover the entire spectrum of an IT Lifecycle and include IT strategy, assessments, enterprise and solution architectures, program management, systems integration, business intelligence and data warehousing. We can augment existing organizations with IT professionals, or staff and manage entire projects. Our consultants have years of hands-on, real-world, practical experience across industries and companies of varying scale and complexity.


Contact us today to learn more about Cornerstone's Consulting Practices and Offerings and how we can help you make sense of IT for your business.

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